Canon 16 35 F4 Vs 17 40

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Canon 16 35 F4 Vs 17 40. Many will appreciate the 16-35 f4L ISs benefits for the difference in price. Canon 17-40mm f4L 17mm.

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The first thing to notice is that the the 17-40mm vignettes somewhat more than the 16-35mm at f4. At some focal lengths and apertures such as widest focal length and aperture the 16-35mm f28 is the weaker the 17-40mm is in the middle and the newer 16-35mm f4 is the strongest. But the 16-35mm appears to show more flare and lower contrast at this aperture and focal length.

Nov 4 2020.

Canon 16-35mm40 IS 35mm Same picture at 35mm even the corners are pretty sharp at aparture f40 and the basic sharpness is better than the 17-4040. Center sharpness will be similar but the edges especially when shooting wide open will be far far superior. A bit more information. I have been looking for a new wide angle lens of late and was deciding between the 16-35 28 and f4 and the Canon 17-40 f4.