Canon 10 22 Vs Canon 10 18

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Canon 10 22 Vs Canon 10 18. En este vídeo os propongo un caso práctico de fotografía con el ultra-angular Canon 10-18mm f45-56 y el objetivo de Kit 18-55 f35-56 con la idea de ay. The only reasons to go with the 10-22 is if you already have it prefer the USM motor over the STM motor in 10-18 there is no direct connection between the lens focus ring and the lens its all electronic in the 10-18 really need the slight advantage in aperture speed f45-56 vs f35-45 but without IS or have a fetish about lenses with yellow rings on them.

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In low light you would have to bump up the iso to get on equal footing with the 10-22. It also is 23-stop slower and 13 the price if you buy new. The first thing that stands out when you put the Canon 10-18 mm and the 10-22 mm next to each other is that the 10-22 is longer 9 cm vs 75 cm and heavier 240 us 385 grams.

Faster lens at wide.

IMHO the 10-22 is the better lens as its better built and in my testing with 3 each of the lenses the 10-22 is better on the edges ie sharper and less distortion than the 10-18 the 10-18 has IS in its favor is lighter and matches the 10-22 in the centre sharpness its a good lens at a good price but it will not last like a 10-22 willeach to their own. The 10-18 is much smaller and lighter than the 10-22. 4mm more tele coverage. This means that you can make manual adjustments once the AF has finished without changing to.