Can Menopause Cause Curly Hair

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Can Menopause Cause Curly Hair. Can Hair Change From Straight to Curly. Will my extremely curly hair grow straight with the onset of menopause.

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This is because menopause causes your estrogen levels to decrease and estrogen is a hair-friendly hormone. If it has a slight curve the hair grows in curly. Many womens hair becomes less curly at menopause sadly.

Knowing how your hair has responded to previous hormonal changes can always give you a good idea of how it will respond to future ones.

When your body goes through a major hormonal change one of the side effects is a change in the shape of the hair follicle thus changing your curl pattern. Insulin is produced in the pancreas and is responsible for the adaptation of glucose in the blood. During menopause people may notice their hair is thinning less full or shedding more. However its more likely to see thinning hair than straight hair becoming curly during this phase of life.