Campbell's Soup Cans Painting

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Campbell's Soup Cans Painting. In 1962 Andy Warhol showed 32 Campbells soup can paintings at the Ferus Gallery in Los Angeles. Later works from the series would be printed using the silk screen method on canvas and in 1968 he began producing screen-printed portfolios of the soup cans on paper Campbells Soup I and Campbells Soup II.

Collective Chaos Andy Warhol Soup Cans Andy Warhol Pop Art Warhol
Collective Chaos Andy Warhol Soup Cans Andy Warhol Pop Art Warhol from

As the name suggests Andy Warhols Campbells Soup is not a soup variety but an art piece. Initially created as a series of thirty two canvases in 1962 the soup cans gained international acclaim as a breakthrough in Pop Art. Before the end of the year Campbells Soup Cans was so on-trend that Manhattan socialites were wearing soup can-printed dresses to high-society events 10.

Projections of the cans were traced onto canvas and hand-painted making this first and original batch of soup cans a work which appeared more uniform and mechanically produced than it really was.

With his Campbells Soup Cans installation at Ferus Gallery the artist realised the possibility of creating works in series and the visual effect of serial imagery. Look at the painting closely for a moment. He continued making variations on his Soup Cans stencilling multiple cans within a single canvas and so amplifying the effect of products stacked in a grocery store an idea that he would later develop in the box sculptures. Each canvas 20 x 16 508 x 406 cm.