Cage Dipole Antenna

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Cage Dipole Antenna. A remnant of the antenna from the first amateur station to work across the Atlantic. The 40 meter cage dipole can be installed flat or.

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There are a large number of antenna designs for HF. Building a dipole out of say a large-diameter aluminum tube isnt very practical but you can create almost the same thing electrically speaking by using a number of individual wires properly spaced to create a antenna that looks like a round birdcage Figure 1. Ad Find and Compare Products from Leading Brands and Retailers at Product Shopper.

The 40 meter cage dipole has a bandwidth spread of almost 1 mhz.

About Ni4L Antennas Electronics LLC. One choice out of many is the fan dipole. Prototype 1 was a Dual Band 40 -20 Meter Parallel Dipole Antenna each Dipole is a Cage Dipole SWR was BELOW 23 11 at lowest point for ALMOST the FULL BAND on 40 Meters and under 15 for the FULL BAND on 20 meters. I became a fan of cage antennas when I converted a single wire rhombic to a 2 wire rhombic.