46b Octopus

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46b Octopus. The creature Organism 46B is very dangerous. The newly discovered entity is in a class by itself.

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If you werent scared of scuba diving before you might be after watching this video. In Memory of Art Bell 1945-2018 Scent Notes. The divers first observed what they described as a larger version of a known species of Octopus but with 14 tentacles instead of 8 as what a typical Cephalopod has.

That octopus was once attacked by Soviet scientists and this case is quite interesting because of some.

Incredibile anche gli sviluppi spaventosi e le scoperte continuanoDa Night TerrorsGli scienziati russi in Antartide battagliano sull Organismo 46b una creatura antartica e precisamente del lago Vostok OctopusLOrganismo 46b caccia la sua preda. The creature designated Organism 46-B was an aquatic beast allegedly captured by a Russian scientific team near the research outpost Vostok Station. They came across this creature while researching the region. Secure your workflow with Bitbucket.