24 70 Or 24 105

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24 70 Or 24 105. Build quality of the 24-105 is superior all around including focus hold button ideal for. My feeing is that in no way would it compete with the newer 24-105.

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When I had the 24-70 f4 I really was not that impressed by it and as I remember it was soft across the frame at 70mm f4 getting better from f56. The Sony 424-105 is also very good but lacks a bit in edge acuity compared to the other two. My experience with the 24-70s and 24-105s largely mirrors TDPs reviews.

You get the same aperture but focal length is 50 longer at 105mm.

Both are excellent but both are full-frame lenses that will be annoyingly long on an 80D. It was best at the wide end had higher resolution than the EF primes at 50mm at the time and was softer at 70mm. The Panny 24-105 is reportedly also very good with extra reach nice but heavier and only f4 not so nice for some. When the EF 24-70 II came out there wasnt a better general purpose zoom.