18 Megapixel Vs 24 Megapixel

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18 Megapixel Vs 24 Megapixel. The T3i has a slightly larger 3 screen but more importantly it has a much higher resolution than the. Is there a general formula for image size vs.

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4914 1550 ISO 400-800. Some obvious differences are. Is the camera sensor or the lens the limit to resolution.

Raposo experiments with the idea of downsampling by taking the 108-megapixel photo and compressing it down to 24.

5746 1812 ISO 200-400. Nikon D750 2300. 3883 1226 ISO 800-1600. With full-frame cameras reaching 60 megapixels MP and medium format cameras pushing beyond 100 MP we now know that the megapixel race wont stop there and we will most likely be seeing cameras with even more resolution in the future.